“Must-Have SEO Settings

for your WordPress site”

Don’t know where to start? My SEO audit will help you evaluate important issues on your website.

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Is this you?

You want to get more search engine traffic to your website
But SEO is freaking you out
You want to know where to start with search engine optimization for your website

Your search is over

Imagine your business thriving.
Imagine a (virtual) line of smart, savvy customers who are drawn to you, DRIVEN to you.
Right now, business is pretty good. You’ve got a great company and an awesome website.
The problem is: NO ONE IS SEEING IT.
(Ok, maybe not “no one” but definitely not ENOUGH people, right?!)

But you’re a smart cookie, you’ve heard terms like “Search Engine Optimization”

and know it’s probably a good idea.

If S-E-O is making you feel L-O-S-T, I hear you.

All this tech jargon is super convoluted.

The bottom line is you’re gonna need help.… But how do you even know who you should hire to help you with your SEO when you aren’t 100% sure what it is or how it will help your biz?
Well, break out your favorite road trip playlist and buckle up, because you and I are going on a journey.

Who am I?

I’m Anna, WordPress & SEO specialist. I am a dreamer, love travel and open roads. I’ll be your SEO navigator, co-pilot, and translator. Think of me as your road-tripping BFF on the internet’s superhighway!

I am here to help you navigate every aspect of your website’s SEO. From audits (don’t worry I’ll explain what that means) to a complete overhaul, I’m your girl – seven days a week.



Together we are going to bring the search engine traffic to you.

Let’s get this journey started!


Nicte Cuevas | Working on SEO with Anna

“This will definitely be worth your investment!

As my business keeps growing, I continually analyze areas that need improvement. SEO, was definitely one of them. I knew I needed expert help to refine an area that I had been neglecting. I found Anna’s advanced audit to be incredibly valuable!! She’s very detailed.

– Nicte Cuevas nictecreativedesign.com

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