I need to admit: have just started to use Pinterest seriously and I want to say that I LOVE it!

First, I love Pinterest because it is a new kind of search engine. Second, it is a great place to get the inspiration of any kind, create a visualisation board.

But another and most important thing which I love about Pinterest is that I can easily find so many great, amazing people there who share marvellous, valuable content! And oh my, such great quality of images! 

As I was looking for a designer to get some tasks done, I browsed through Pinterest for some time and found most creative, awesome web designers there.

I found myself digging their boards and beautiful websites for hours! And it inspired me to create a new post about 10 Awesome Web Design Ladies to follow on Pinterest (click on name to get Pinterest link).


1. Sarah Cauble  

Sarah is a graphic and web designer for creative types. What can I say…I love this photoshoot on the road. And I simply just love her style. Sarah’s portfolio includes the website of one of my greatest inspirations Sally Hope. 

My favorite boards: “Web Design”, “Portraits”.

Sarah Cauble - Pinterest


2. Marianne | DYOB

Marianne owns the “Design Your Own Lovely Blog”. Being a talented blog designer herself, she helps creative female solopreneurs to learn how they can make their blogs beautiful. I spent hours studying Marianne’s fascinating tutorials and blog posts which are very helpful for me, who does not have design skills. I’ve discovered befunky graphic editing tool from her posts, and I love it. Amazing, helpful resource for bloggers, one of my daily reads now.

My favorite boards: “Lovely Blog Design Inspiration”, “Cute Blogger Template”. Just wonderful ideas!

Design Your Blog

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3. Stephenie Zamora

Stephenie is the founder of Stephenie Zamora Media, a full-service, life-purpose development, branding, and online marketing boutique. She has her very own unique style, very impressive website and graphics.
My favourite boards: “Mixed Media”, “Fashionista”.

Stephenie Zamora on Pinterest


4. Julie Harris

Julie is a founder of “Julie Harris Design” and provides branding development and website design services. Love headers on her website, colour scheme and fonts. Beautiful.

My favorite boards: “Entrepreneur”, “Branding”. I like how her boards are stuck with her brand.

Julie Harris on Pinterest


5. Sarah Hart 

I follow Sarah for quite some time. She is an amazing person, talented designer, successful entrepreneur and creator of  “The Brand Mapping Method” eCourse that allows you to create a brand and website in two weeks. You can take the brand basics quiz or learn how to design a PDF ebook on her website.

Favorite boards: Brand Legend Quiz.

Sarah Hart on Pinterest


6. Nicte Cuevas 

Nicte is a principal of “Nicte Creative Design” and she’s specializing in identity design and design strategies for both small businesses and large corporations. Nicte designs pretty much everything: websites, logos, signage, you name it.

My favorite boards: “Office inspiration”, “Hand Lettered Life Inspiration” (very interesting one)

Nicte Creative Design


7. Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa is a founder of “The Nectar Collective”  – a great resource for smart bloggers! She is the owner of a design studio where she helps bloggers create websites.

I also love her brand and bright colours.

My favorite boards: “Blogging tips”, “Branding”.

The Nectar Collective


8. Lindsay | White Oack Creative

Lindsay it the owner behind White Oak Creative. She designs visual identities for brands, blogs, and businesses.

I love the graphics on her blog post images.

Favorite boards: “WordPress Tutorials”, “Blogging Tips”. 

White Oak Creative on Pinterest


9. Kate Baird 

Kate is a web designer who specializes in WordPress websites. Very clean design on her website, I love it! I love how she presented her About page with “A LOOK AT HOW I GOT HERE”. So cute!

My favorite boards: “logos + branding strategies”, “moodboards”.

Kate Baird on Pinterest


10. Angela @ Saffron Avenue

Angela is a great designer, blogger, brand stylist at Saffron Avenue.

My favorite boards: “Weddings & Events”, “Office Happiness”.


Woo hoo! I’ve finished my list!

If I only can right now, I would include 20, 30, 100 great web designers Pinterest boards! But sometimes I still need to go back to work 🙂

I hope you find this list handy, especially if you’re looking for inspiration for your blog design and just exceptional web designers to follow!


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