Guest Author: Danielle Zeigler

This is a question I receive all the time: “I started a blog, but how do I get people to read it?”

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been blogging for years, chances are you want more blog traffic. And why wouldn’t you? You put so much time into your posts!

There are tons of ways to build your blog traffic, and some ways will work better for some people. Growing your blog traffic takes experimentation and dedication. Pay attention to what works and spend more time doing those tasks.

Here are 8 ways to grow your blog audience:


1. Do you know anyone who already has a blog?Ask them if you can do a guest post.

This works especially well if you have complementary audiences. For example, I recently suggested a wedding planner client reach out to a blogger who creates DIY wedding decorations. When I was first getting started, I guest posted on The Lean Green Bean and FANNEtastic Food. They’re both Registered Dietitians who have many wellness-minded entrepreneur readers.

2. Add links to your blog (and social channels) in your email signature.

Do this for both your personal and business email accounts.

Below is the super simple signature I use for my emails.


3.  Make sure your blog posts are easy to share on a variety of social channels.

Most website platforms offer sharing buttons or easy ways to add them. For example, you can install a plugin for WordPress like “Share This” or “Shareaholic.” The social sharing bar below is found at the end of every blog post on my website.

Social Sharing bar

4. Keep your content alive.

Pull interesting quotes and ideas from your posts and re-post them on Twitter and Facebook later. The current best practice is that you can promote the same post on Facebook about every 30 days, and the same post on Twitter daily or weekly depending on the relevance. You can plan these posts on a social media management platform like Buffer.  You’ll have new visitors all the time who haven’t discovered your older content yet.

5. Experiment with article sharing sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit.

Share your post in a relevant category, follow others and share their content as well.

StumbleUpon has worked really well for me and my clients. Below is an example of “My Likes” dashboard within StumbleUpon. You’ll see that some posts have 50+ likes while others have 0. You’ll just need to play around and see which posts work best for your channel.


6. Submit articles to sites that accept reader submissions.

The more specific the niche, the better. I have 5 articles published on MindBodyGreen, as well as many smaller sites in my industry.

7. Join a Twitter Chat in your industry.

If you’re not sure how to find any in your industry, just Google it! For example, “Twitter Chats for entrepreneurs” or “Twitter chats for health coaches.”

8. Create a link round-up post and tag the writer of each link you share on Twitter.

This is a good way to introduce readers to new blogs. It’s also a way to get the attention of other bloggers while giving them some attention in return (networking!). If you tag them on Twitter they might retweet to their followers and possibly follow you. You’re more likely to get the attention of low-to-middle sized blogs.

Try one or two ways this week and let us know how they worked in the comments!

About the Author:


Danielle Zeigler is a content marketer with a special interest in holistic health (IIN Certified). By blending these, she helps bloggers, coaches, entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses and in turn, change more lives. She uses SEO, blogging, social media management and general web strategy to grow your traffic and make sure you’re sending a clear message. website // twitter // instagram // facebook



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