An Artist’s Guide to Shopify SEO

If you want to sell your art on Shopify, so you need a Ph.D. in Shopify SEO? No, you just need to keep reading. Shopify is massively popular among people who want to sell their goods online, particularly artists. It's incredibly easy to use, but not...

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Shopify SEO – Case Study

This case study would be a good example, especially for those who open Shopify website and import their Etsy listings from Etsy to Shopify. Because, after you import your listings to Shopify it is crucial to re-optimize them for SEO! And if you did not...

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Shopify vs. WordPress for E-Commerce

Coke vs. Pepsi, Dogs vs. Cats, Tom vs. Jerry, Indians vs. Cowboys, and now Shopify vs. WordPress. When setting up your e-commerce site, your biggest question will always be which is the best platform. After all, both are popular platforms for those setting...

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6 Blogging Tips

Even though it serves as a simple hobby for some, blogging is an excellent way to earn a full-time income. There are many ways to grow and build a blog. If you’d like to build a strong online presence as a blogger, there are some tips that will help you to start your blog and maintain it well.

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The Best Blogging Platforms Compared

Starting a blog As the end of the year quickly approaches, some of you might be thinking about starting a blog for yourself or your business. While there really is no “wrong” way to build an online presence, there is the ideal and optimized way to increase your reach,...

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