Okay! I’m starting up Link Roundup posts! Yep! I’m on board.

Outstanding commercial with an outstanding actor at Joshua Tree – the magic place that I love!

“I gotta get out of here. Which way? I don’t know…What am I looking for? Something I can not see…I can feel it…”



Well, I feel it too!

I gotta get out of the quicksand of overwhelm. That’s why my priority today is…

Time Management

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Time Management for Solopreneurs  << Lesson learned? I promise myself to stop playing superhero and being such a perfectionist.

The 7 Minute Life Time Management Worksheets << Amazing time management worksheets available for free download.

Time Management System for the Severely Overwhelmed << Love this: “You can’t literally “do it all”; and anyone that tells you that you can, is absolutely lying”.

How to Focus: 37 Experts Reveal Their Best Tips << Hard to focus? You should read this.


5 Tips for WordPress Hosting << Great tip to avoid EIG hosting. I’m agree with that.

The WordPress Plugins You Need To Start Your Blog << It’s good to know about WP Optimize and BJ Lazy Load

How to Use The WordPress Dashboard  << Love this detailed explanation of using the dashboard in WordPress. Perfect for any beginner.

Blogging and Design

5 Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners  << This is definitely for me, when I’m playing superhero and trying to be a DIY designer 🙂

How To Create Eye – Catching Blog Post Graphics << Great information here

How to Create a Style Guide For your Blog  << You know that your blog should have it’s own style guide, right?

Valentine’s Day

“You’re a cutie” Free Printable Healthy Valentine  << They ARE cutie!

37 Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From You to Him  << Wow! I love all of them!

Happy weekend, everyone! And if you have not found your soulmate yet, you will! Feel it!


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